FAP Turbo Review: Alpari US Real Account Results

by on December 8, 2009

NOTE: We no longer trade FAPTurbo on our real cash accounts and we do not recommend it. Forex Crescendo is now our top robot that we are using on our large account. We terminated using FAPTurbo before we experienced any severe drawdown, but the trading became so volatile that most people did not trust it anymore. This post has been left as reference material only.

FAP TurboWelcome to our FAP Turbo Review & Test. I recently added FAP Turbo to my testing portfolio.

FAP Turbo Demo Account

Here is the demo account I setup with Alpari(US). The live account is being funded and I will post the results here live.

In the demo account, I'm trading 2% risk per trade which is low compared to most, but remember our goal is to provide consistent long term growth and not to "get rich quick".

**Please note, demo results are typically much better than real results.

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FAP Turbo Real Cash Account

The real cash account is live as of today. I have setup the account with Alpari US, which is the same broker that our demo account is at.

The account is a Micro account with a starting balance of $300.95. There are fees deducted when funding via Paypal, so I could not get it to an exact $300 for simplicity.

I'm trading 2% risk on 4 pairs on this account because USDCAD is not active on an Alpari US Micro account. If this account does well for 30-60 days I will increase the investment to around $1,000.00. My logic is that as long as I keep the risk profile low (0.5% to 2%) I should be able to absorb several bad trades without blowing my account up.

Here are the results so far.

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FAP Turbo Update 1/11/09

Well I have to admit after moving real cash into this account, I was a bit nervous about how FAP Turbo would perform. A few questions that kept popping in my mind are: Is it setup right? Will it trade? Is it going to calculate everything right and only risk 2% per trade?

After not even 10  days though, the FAP Turbo robot has placed several trades and my account is up 5.6%.  My expectations for any robot/signal is not more than 2% - 20% monthly. If it's much higher than that, typically you will find people using 10%-20% risk per trade, which to be honest is ridiculous. No successful trader would use that much risk in their manual trading, so why let an automated system do so?

Alright - I'll stop preaching and let the FAP Turbo robot run for a while and then write another update. If you have any questions please use the contact us page and I will get back to you asap.

What FAP Turbo Pairs to Trade?

You can trade 5 pairs with FAP Turbo 49 (the current version).


However, I'm because the USDCAD is not offered on Alpari US Micro accounts, I am only trading with the following pairs.


So far, the results speak for themself and I'm extremely pleased with the results.  I'm going to let this run for a while before making any changes.  I expect some losses to hit soon and look forward to seeing how FAP Turbo recovers.  The demo account has suffered a few losses and appears to be recovering quite well.

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joe July 23, 2010 at 12:49 pm


you mention 2% risk. Is that 2% risk per trade per currency pair so a total of 10% if you are trading 5 pairs? or do you mean 2% split between the 5 currency pairs?

i await your reply. thank you.

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