Forex Megadroid Review: Our Real Cash Test

by Allison on September 19, 2010

Note: This is a review, Click Here to Visit the Official Forex Megadroid Site

Forex Robots Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. What is Forex Megadroid?

III. Results in Demo

IV. Results in Live

V. Results in Live (Using our Advanced Guide)

VI. From Test to Investment

The Mark of a True Forex Robot

 Security and Safety shields. These are two terms that are given much importance in the field of Forex trading – and for a good reason. The Forex market may be a large and very lucrative market, but of course, it is not without pitfalls. And even if you are trading using a Forex robot, there are still no guarantees. This is why it is important that the Forex robot that you would be using offers enough security features and safety shields to protect your own interests.

We have tested A LOT of Forex robots in the market – not only with demo accounts but using REAL cash. And this is one stark truth that we have discovered – 19 out of 20 Forex robots in the market do NOT work. 19 out of 20 Forex robots are simply scams. 19 out of 20 Forex robots will just waste your time, money, and effort. Sure, these Forex robots would probably trade for you and you might even see profit for a few days. Next thing you know, your account is wiped out and you have no idea what just hit you. Believe me; I’ve been there lots of times.

So, does this mean that all robots scams? Is there no REAL, PROFITABLE, Forex robot in the market nowadays? Is it just a myth? Fortunately, not all robots are scams and there exist ONE real Forex robot. During our many testing, we have found one – yes, just ONE – Forex robot that delivered consistent results. This Forex robot was able to post profits on both our demo account and real cash account. This Forex robot is Forex Megadroid.

What is Forex Megadroid?

Forex Megadroid is a Forex robot or Expert Advisor that you simply plug in to your MetaTrader platform. This Forex robot was developed by John Grace and Albert Perrie. They wanted to create a “legacy” – something that would linger even if they are no longer active in the Forex trading scene. And the legacy that they have created is Forex Megadroid.

Forex Megadroid comes with several features and technologies. First of is one of the cornerstone of Forex Megadroid – the algorithm that they call as Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCTPA). With this algorithm, John and Albert claim that Forex Megadroid is able to “look” into the future of Forex trading – as far as 2 to 4 hours forward.

Aside from the RCTPA algorithm, it is also equipped with technologies that will secure your accounts. Forex Megadroid is programmed to be undetectable from the prying eyes of brokers. We have discussed how much brokers hate Forex robots – especially the ones that really earns. Well, fear not, for Forex Megadroid can handle them anytime of the day. It is also programmed to spot the techniques used by unscrupulous brokers to break Forex robots. In short, built into the Forex Megadroid systems are the safety nets and the security functions that, as we have stated, are very important for your account’s sake.


Of course, when it comes to Forex robots, the most important thing is real, live, and actual performance. We could go on and on about the different claims of the makers of Forex Megadroid but it wouldn’t make a difference. Some will just shrug it off as marketing hype. After all, some might say that they are just words. So if we want to prove that Forex Megadroid is the real thing, we have to show you Forex Megadroid in action

Forex Megadroid Demo Account (Alpari US)

First, let’s take a look at a demo account that is running on Forex Megadroid. This is a $10,000 account that is opened on Alpari. A quick look at the line graph would show you an upward trend in terms of account size – a very good sign. There are a few downward spikes showing losses, but the winning trades clearly overshadow the losses. If you look at the trade by trade entries, you might see something peculiar – Forex Megadroid is not a hyperactive trader. You will see probably one to two trades per day. We will get to the reason for that later on. Now, let’s take a look at the summary. I would like to point your attention to the drawdown of Forex Megadroid. It has a drawdown of a mere 0.93% – one of the LOWEST we have ever seen from a Forex robot. And if you are knowledgeable in Forex trading terms, you would know that having a low drawdown is excellent for any Forex robot. Another thing to consider in this summary is the consecutive wins versus the consecutive losses. That’s an average of 13 consecutive wins versus 1 consecutive loss – a very good win/loss record.

I know what you are thinking – what we have shown you is a demo account. Well, like what we’ve said, we have used Forex Megadroid with real cash. We knew it was risky – after all, results in demo can vary greatly with results on a live account. Simply put, we took a chance and tried Forex Megadroid.

We were not disappointed.

We have invested $300 of real cash on a live account on Alpari that is being managed by Forex Megadroid. The graph still shows an upward trend showing an increase in account size. Again, just like what we have seen on the demo account, Forex Megadroid still trades slowly and carefully. We see one or two actual trades per day with most of them ending up as winners. We don’t see the erratic trades like the ones done by fake Forex robots. The summary looks very similar to what we have seen in the demo account. Relative drawdown is up by a bit to 1.99% – still a respectable number and still very low. The average of consecutive wins and consecutive losses is almost identical with what we have seen in the demo account.

Forex Megadroid Real Cash Account (Alpari UK using Advanced Guide)


Megadroid with Advanced Guide Settings

Megadroid with Advanced Guide Settings

We have invested another $500 of real cash on a live account on Alpari UK that is being managed by Forex Megadroid (using our Advanced Guide settings).  This account has grown significantly faster than our existing account and averages about 10% per month now.  We had a large loss right off the bat otherwise it would be growing much faster.  However, I think people should take this as a good lesson to be learned.  Even though some of these robots win 98% of the time, there will be losses.  And if they are large and happen right in the outset, you could see significant drawdown.  However, you can see how steady the growth has been since then. 

NOTE: Don’t Buy Forex Megadroid Without the Exclusive Advanced Guide Bonus below
But what does this all mean? Simply put, Forex Megadroid is a very careful trader – it trades very little (like what we’ve said, one or two trades a day) but when it does, you can be sure that the trade has a very high chance of being a winner. The profits are slow, that’s a fact. However, most people would love to have the consistency of Forex Megadroid, even if the wins were not that spectacular.

So, to sum it up, we have proven the following using REAL CASH on an account run by Forex Megadroid. On the positive side,

- It has a very low drawdown.
- It shows a steady rise in terms of account size.
- Comes with a high Percentage of winning trades.

On the other hand,

- It is a slow trader
- Account size increase may seem a bit on the small side

Exclusive Bonus – Advanced Forex Megadroid Guide

megadroid-advanced-guideOne big problem I have found with Forex Megadroid is that many new customers end up losing money because they used incorrect settings, or because they simply did not understand how to use the Forex Megadroid software to it’s full potential, which is really unfortunate.

So here’s the deal – if you buy Forex Megadroid through any of the links on this page, I will give you my exclusive Forex Megadroid Advanced Guide. I’m offering this guide because I don’t want any more of my readers to lose money unnecessarily. Inside you will learn everything you need to know in order to make the most of Forex Megadroid, including: -

  • The exact settings that I use with Forex Megadroid on my live account.
  • How to verify that the 2 most critical settings are 100% correct.
  • How to earn 300% gains in 1 year using relatively low risk settings.

NOTE: After you have purchased Forex Megadroid, simply enter your order details here and you will receive your Advanced Guide in your inbox immediately. The Forex Megadroid Advanced Guide is exclusive to LiveFXTests readers and you won’t find it anywhere else on the net.

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From Test to Investment

Again, security and safety shields are very important in a Forex robot. Forex Megadroid has them both. It protects your account from unscrupulous brokers and it protects your account in terms of trading. You will not encounter the scenario wherein within a few trades, your account has been wiped clean. This is why we feel secure to invest money on Forex Megadroid. What started out as a test run has now evolved into an investment. That’s right. We are so confident with the steady performance of Forex Megadroid that we have continued to pour in REAL cash into the Forex Megadroid. We are so confident that Forex Megadroid IS the real thing. It is the only Forex robot that we truly recommend based on the results and the information that we have gathered. And as promised, we are now sharing this information with you.

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