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In the market for a Forex robot to take advantage of the expertise of an experienced trader, but concerned about the number of online scams? You've come to the right place! I started LiveFXTests several years ago as I was learning to be a trader and researching products on my own.

My first observation of the Forex industry was outrage at the number of Forex robots being marketed as "get rich quick" or "sure things". I decided to document my experiences and learnings with a variety of robots and make those known to anyone with an interest.

Initially I developed LiveFXTests as a pay site, for traders to follow my experiences and help fund my purchase and risk running these robots. I'm excited to tell you today that I have had such considerable success with my robot training that I have changed the model and no longer need to charge a subscription!

Sign up today and you will receive my recommended robots, announcements of new robots and my initial analysis, along with a FREE guide to trading Forex. Not only do I take you through the basics of trading Forex, how to get started, I also offer you 7 tips to having success with Forex. This applies to even those most experienced and successful traders! Finally, I will also deliver to you the top recommended robots based on a comprehensive analysis of the leading Forex robot sites including, Birt's EA, Forex FBI and many others! You can't beat that level of analysis.

Be sure to sign up today to receive this FREE advice and feedback which is perfect for... well everyone! If you are an experienced Forex trader, our recommendations for new robots will keep you on the leading edge and prevent you from making mistakes with the next "sure thing". Are you a new trader? Our Forex Guide is invaluable, along with analysis of leading robots, newcomers, etc.

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